Swim Spas

Need a Swim Spa Salt Lake City Utah Residents? Look no further. We have a wide variety of Catalina Swim Spas.

Dream of owning your own pool, but don’t have the space? Backyards of America can help. Need a swim spa Utah?  Catalina Swim Spas and Swim Trainers offer the features of a spa, plunge pool and gym, all in one beautifully engineered unit.

Catalina Swim Spas and Trainers provide an ideal alternative to a traditional swimming pool. It offers an affordable wide range of swim spas and trainers to suit every need.  In addition, Catalina utilizes the very latest technology, with tried and tested components, to bring you the very best power, performance design and spa experience.

And with 12-, 14-, 16- and 18-foot models available, Backyards of America is sure to have a swim spa to fit your space and budget.

For more information on Catalina Swim Spas and Swim Trainers, call Backyards of America today at (801) 561-0679.  Or, you can e-mail us at info@backyardsofamerica.com.

12′ Malibu Swim Spa    

12′ MalibuMalibu

Swim Pool Trainer and Spa

90” x 151½” x 51”
Seats: 11
CAT 2000 2 Pumps 220 Volts/60 Amps
Turbo Charged with Hot Air Blower
1 River Swim Jet
Swim Pro Pole & Harness
28 Stainless Steel Jets
120 Sq. Ft. Filter
Water Capacity 1600 Gallons
Turbo Charged Jets & Swim Jets
Waterline Tile Accents & Swim Lane Tile

Full Poly-Ethylene Bottom
Balboa Electronic Systems
Balboa Topside Control Center
Balboa Aux. Topside control
Underwater Lighting
Overlap Shell Finish
Waterproof Spa Base
1-5 HP Filter/Swim Jet Pump
1-4 HP Swim Jet Pump
Deluxe Cover



16′ Du

16′ Relay Premium

Dual Temp Pool with Separate Spa                    16' Swim spa duo temp

90” x 190½” x 51”
EL 2000 Spa
Seats: 5
220 Volts/ 40 AMPS
El 8000 Pool
220 Volts/ 60 AMPS
2 Exercise Bars
Exercise Equipment
8 Trevi Water Features
2 Spillover Waterfalls
Pool Step inside Pool
3 River Swim Jets
35 Stainless Steel Jets
1850 Gallons of Water
120 SQ. Ft Filter
5.5kW Heater
1150 Watt Turbo Air Heated Blower
5 Pump System
LED Light jet Pkg.
Waterline Tile Accents & Swim Lane Tile 2lb and 5lb. Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
Full Poly-Ethylene Bottom
Balboa Electronic Systems
Balboa Topside Control Center
Balboa Aux. Topside control
Deluxe Cover

o-Temp Freestyle


Catalina Swim Machine

The Catalina Swim Machine is the ideal choice for those looking for form and function in one all-inclusive package.  The Swim Machine is available in a 12- and 14-foot lengths, and features 24 stainless steel massaging jets, three River Swim jets, underwater lighting, swim line markers and more.

And, with additional options like a stereo systems, LED lighting, waterfalls and an exercise equipment package, you’re sure to find a Swim Machine to fit your needs!


Catalina Swim Spa

The Catalina Swim Spa allows you to have a swim trainer and spa in one convenient package.  The Swim Spa’s 16-feet of space features seating for five with 38 stainless steel jets, three swim jets, and is more than five feet deep.

Additional Swim Spa options include a divider (seen in photo below), an Aqua Treadmill or Bike, Ozone gas system, mister system and more.


Catalina Swim Spa Elite

Catalina’s Swim Spa Elite takes swim and sauna luxury to a whole new level.  The 18-foot Elite features separated swim and spa areas, has 63 jets for relaxation and massage, and three powerful swim jets for exercise.  The Elite also has upgraded insulation and a UV-resistant cover, mahogany cabinet finish and more.

Additional features can include an iPod docking station, top-side music control, waterfalls and misters, LED perimeter lighting, and more.


Catalina Swim Spa Dual-Temp

The 18-foot Dual-Temp Swim Spa is Catalina’s answer to those who want a swim spa and heated sauna in one all-inclusive unit.  The Dual-Temp features seating for five with 53 massaging jets, an in-pool full-body massage station, and three River Swim jets.

If you’re looking for true swim spa elegance, you can add features like custom LED lighting and waterfalls, sound systems, Ozone gas systems for both the pool and spa, a water tile line and more!